Burning books is not morally wrong

Big hug … it does get better. Well for those that sign off on life’s shit like this:

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Hang in there and remember to take care of yourself. We don’t get to control all the shit that happens to us in this life. We do get to control our response to the shit that happens to us in this life. If you can walk away with your head high and knowing that you have been the better person during it all, you will walk away with a sense of personal respect and you will have learned a lot about who you really and truly are as a person. (Yea, I know, ‘fuck it’ who needs these lessons.?" No one! But like I said, some things we have no control over. We may as well lean about ourselves and others from them… I wish you nothing but success in your future.


Yup. We come into this world alone. We go out alone. May-as-well like yourself in the meantime.

Thanks guys, to be honest money doesn’t really matter to me, it was just the security of not worrying about finding work, as I’ve struggled in the past, but I’m determined not to stress about that anymore.

I spoke to site manager and I think there’s a good chance I will be there until the end of May, and I have a broad skillset, so he knows I can cover a lot of ground if they need me to, my record speaks for itself. Also I’ll get some redundancy, so I needn’t worry for a year or maybe two if I use my head.

I had a small amount invested as a pension and I own my house outright, though it’s a small property, so if need be i use those as equity, and fuck having a pension for now. Besides i can take a part time job on min wage and my savings will last even longer. The car Lease is up in August, so i don’t renew it and that’s 300 a month saved for a start.

Theres a lot a lot worse off than me. It’s just the shock of the turnaround of the last two years. The pisser is I’d be retiring now without a care. Ah well, who needs rest and relaxation…:sunglasses:

Edit. Oh and in my initial interview he asked if I’d be interested in going to China to help train them up to build a ship set of wide bodied galleys…I gave a definitive yes…:grin::sunglasses:

China! Awsome. You are only an hour away!

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Yah! That shit will kill you!!!

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Well if it happens, it’ll be in 2022 or 2023, but yeah…:sunglasses:

So I understand. I’m aware of cases where the non custodial parent has quit their job to avoid paying maintenance. I has been my observation that divorcing couples are often so angry ,hurt and bitter that the best interest of their children is often overlooked.

I had a lawyer mate with 5 kids. 2 from the first marriage, 3 from the second. (a boy and twin girls) He left each marriage when the children were toddlers. He complained bitterly and often that he was being treated unjustly by the Family Courts in the amount of child support he had to pay. Typically, support is set at 40% for of the non custodial parent’s income for one child. After that, I think there’s a sliding scale. The court has the power to garnishee wages, and does so, especially with Civil Servants ,which he was.

My reaction was to change the subject ASAP because I had no sympathy.

I dealt with single parents and non custodial parents for years during my time with Social Security. It soon became obvious that with an ordinary wage ex partner, it was the custodial parent who usually had the hardest time.

Australia doesn’t have an alimony system similar to the US to a partner when there are no children.

The former partner often makes a claim for 50% of property and perhaps makes a claim on the partner’s superannuation. The time married, assets at the beginning of the marriage and 'contribution to the marriage ’ are taken into account.

Having been through the trauma I have reached the conclusions; that no one really benefits from a divorce unless they are simply very mercenary, then perhaps. That the end of a marriage is not usually the fault of one partner 100%*** AND that the only people who really know about a marriage are the two people involved.

***MY marriage? I think it’s fair to say I was a lousy husband and she was a cunt.


Come visit if you take the job in China…Perth is only a skip away with direct flights. IF our borders are open again by then…they have just slammed shut once more now you Brits have bred the bug to infect the world…my stepson in the UK still thinks (if that is the right word) that it is all a giant conspiracy by “them” to remove his liberties and whatever else.

In context…he has a congenital heart condition, owns no property, is on disability for a couple of other things…and so is in the “highly vulnerable” category and still pissing and moaning that he cant go to the pub. SMH…

Anyhoo, Shelley, now is the time to look after yourself. Have fun. Fill the bucket list, get a dog and walk it every day, twice a day.

And, of course keep writing here.


Thank you for clarifying your position. Yes, if something is your property, you do have the right to destroy it (and indeed that is the true test of ownership, whether you have the right to destroy it, everything from your own book on up to your own life.)

That said, having the right to do something and whether you should do something are two different things. If your goal is promoting Anti-Theism, destruction of a copy of a book really isn’t the best use of time and resources to do so. Reading “holy books” out loud and pointing up their contradictions, absurdities, injustices, and atrocities would be even better.

Some Christian groups put up stark black billboards with either scriptures or quotes they attribute to God. A really clever Anti-Theist would make billboards like these and quote the worst parts of the Bible. Likewise, you could do the same with The Qu’ran or Vedic literature or any other “holy book.”
Something like this might make a Theist want to explore their own “holy book” further and maybe reject it.


Also a bit of a waste burning a bible, especially a cheap one. Typically, such books are printed on thin, cheap paper .

—thin, cheap paper. What else is made from thin, cheap paper, apart from boarding school toilet paper?

CIGARETTE paper! Or if you don’t smoke tobacco, an average bible should last you a lifetime in rolling spliffs.

About 50 miles north of here lies the Barossa Valley, a world famous wine region. Founded by German settlers in the nineteenth century. Local second had shops are arse deep in those massive old family bibles, in German. They are quite cheap and make splendid doorstops. Also paper for the barbeque, or to repair a damaged leg to a table.

Some of those tomes are big enough to make a capital coffee tables for two. If your imagination doesn’t stretch that far, old bible pages make excellent kitty litter and can be shredded for mulch.

So please, no more talk of the profligate burning of any books.

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I bought 9 different sizes and versions of the Bible from the Value Village Thrift Store (a supporter of kidney patients), then placed in them bookmarks with the Web Sites for The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible/Qu’ran/Book of Mormon, 1001 Bible Contradictions, and The Secular Web.

Then I dropped them in the donation box for The Salvation Army. I supported a worthy cause and dropped some seeds of skeptical thought into an organization that can really use it.

One could also compose a message and circle words or letters in the Bible that spell out the message, then send it to believers. If the margins are wide enough, you could write in references to contradictory passages, though I haven’t yet found a copy that big.

Make sure always that what you write with won’t seep through thin pages.

I can’t for the life of me comprehend this rationale. Anymore than I can grasp why anyone would care about faking a vaccine to trace my whereabouts, or bug my phone or Amazon echo dot to listen to what I’m up to.

Baffling, and I have a friend who’s quite intelligent, who returned an Amazon echo dot because “no way could he have a listening device in the house.”

Wtf are they all saying to each other? When another very intelligent and wealthy friend who now lives in Australia said credit companies monitored and analysed spending habits through credit card purchases, for a variety of reasons including future credit applications, I thought meh…

Neither will use a credit card in a pub now, ffs…:laughing:

Oh dear, since this all started while I was going through a messy divorce, it’s left me pretty isolated, apart from work, and soon I won’t have that, but hells bells you just get on with it mun.

Mental note to self, don’t become one of those people who strikes up meaningless conversations at supermarket checkouts just to have someone to talk to…“yes, the weather’s terrible”

We all know that ffs, I can see it through the fucking window of the supermarket, ffs crack on…:sunglasses:

Yes, it’s going to be challenging financially, but hey ho, plenty worse of than me, and this pandemic has a while to run yet.


I’m not sure I grasp your point here sorry? Are you asking me if Twitter should ban other people or groups? Probably, yes.

Some knucklehead posted a conspiracy theory about Covid-19 so their posts were deleted; leaving Sheldon’s post above kind of out of place.

I think “knucklehead” is inappropriate for this idiots banned post post. Maybe “Batshit crazy mental case not taking their meds” would be more appropriate? Also include “antisemite racist fucknuckle” just to make sure we are identifying it?

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Well, there is grains of truth in many conspiraturd- start with truths …expand and imagine THEN leap into the lie.

OK …your phone while off can be used to listen to you (IF THEY WANT)
Who is the “they” (ask a conspiraturd and it’s always fuzzy).

How about the Worldwide web of intelligence agencies that make agreements with one another to share info? How about China :cn:? Can’t understand why they would like this type of tool.

Ask if it’s used on you? Hahahaha - my ass is still free and shit I’ve tested it. I can still fly (haven’t been put in the no fly list). First, you see, you need to give an intelligence organization REASON to launch an investigation into your ass - (actions, not words). So why was MLK and John Lennon “investigates” - duh, their actions. Any actions from anyone will rise their eyebrows. It’s OK. That’s their job. It’s like phoning in a strange vehicle that keeps popping up in the neighborhood. First you notice. Then you watch… pattern isn’t “normal” - then you check it out.

BTW - they can’t check out everyone. You know how many crazies are out there? You know how many tips on crazies they get???

Ah, I hadn’t really understood what they were saying tbh.

I find the nonsense conspiracy theorists espouse is often more vexatious than religious claims.


ECHELON https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON grew into a multilateral international post-WW2 intelligence effort to share information concerning the Soviets. But as government programs go, with such assets, it is inevitable were are turned inwards to spy on their own people.

And of course, we now have Five Eyes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Eyes

The thing is, if you stay in the loop of learning and information, this is known and not a surprise. But for the tin-foil-hat brigade that spend most of their time in ignorance, such revelations shock them and reinforce their paranoia.

If you stay informed and actually think things through carefully, it is no surprise, in fact the results are inevitable. The WW2 allies set up a comprehensive intelligence network. Only a fool would accept that all nations discontinued such valuable intelligence assets. For example, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) morphed into the CIA.


For sure!
I spoke to the user; I think the user was intending to parody someone else’s anti-Semitic rant; but fucked it up.