Burning books is not morally wrong

Boo hoo hoo, playing the victim game now?

You were offered an opportunity to correct previous unacceptable behavior. Consider yourself lucky you were given a second chance.

And is it really so hard, such a strain on your constitution and ego for you to give an honest and straightforward answer?

I’m not going through this again. You repeatedly ignoring the official private warning, despite my numerous pleas for you to stop. No part of the warning even addressed your beliefs. I suspended you for 24 hours in a last ditch attempt to get your attention (to respond to the warning), which is the only way your account could have possibly been salvaged at that point. Every time I have to touch the button too suspend/ban someone; it is a black mark against AR (and myself because I’m currently the moderator). I have failed. (user locked)

Hahahahaha … this isn’t government. This forum is private run WITH standards set out ahead of time AND a warning :warning:

Wahhhh wahhhhh guess what dipshit? People have choices whether to listen to you or allow you on a platform

Don’t like it??? Go start your own platform for confused, dictionary illiterates …

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I’ve never noticed it, although misogyny and racism are not permitted. Nor self promotion. All reasonable imo.

This is a private forum open to the public. There are no innate rights, only privileges.

Nyarlathotep is our moderator. I have never once seen him abuse that position.

I do not see a person being banned as any kind of a failure by anyone here and most certainly not our moderator… We are not here to meet the expectations of those who wonder in here. Such people are invariably treated with far more patience than I had when I moderated a site some years ago.

Don’t like our rules? No problem. Refuse to comply and you will be banned.

When I joined this forum, I made a bad mistake and broke the forum rules. I was informed by private message, understood it all, and I now make sure I never violate the forum rules.

Is it that hard to take good advice from a moderator instead of trying to piss down their throat?

Is it that hard to do the right thing and change?

I have enough experience of Nyarlathotep’s monitoring of this site to know he is both fair and patient. There remains a question mark over your integrity, not least because of the dishonest way you have evaded yes or no questions, like **can you demonstrate any objective evidence for any deity? **

It’s not censorship at all, this forum has rules, the people who dedicate their time to enforce those rules have the final say. If you think you’re being treated harshly go find an exchange on a theist website where an atheist has dared subject their archaic unevidenced superstition to critical rational scrutiny.

How does that compare to you stubbornly refusing to stop misrepresenting basic word definitions?

Well which is it? He’s right as you posted to contradictory claims, and have failed to offer any credible explanation. He’s not obliged to offer you this chance, and freedom expression though absolute still can have consequences.

I would baulk at someone burning any book, even an antisemitic diatribe like Mein Kamps, because of the message that would send, however that doesn’t mean I’d let some promote such views with impunity on a public forum if I were responsible for monitoring it’s content.


Lol :joy: me too. Learnt the boundaries! Fuck…

I’ve had a polite warning once as well. It’s simple enough, if you want to use any online platform someone else owns, you have to obey their rules.

As Trump has finally at long last found out.

Free speech is and must be an absolute right, but that does not mean what we say never has consequences.

The moderation of this site is as fair and patient as any I’ve seen. It’s one of the reasons I come here, everybody gets a fair shake, and are treated like adults.

Me too. Apparently something I posted was sexist. Not hard for someone of my age and background. I stepped back and could see how people could see it that way. The result has been that I take more care over the things I post.

It’s not a complicated concept: If one wants to post on this[ or any other] forum, one obeys the forum rules.

Tu quoque I know, but I’ll mention it just the same. Believers of all stripes are afforded more acceptance and compassion here than I was shown on the couple of Christian forums I joined.(two) . I longest I lasted was an hour and a half. I asked a question about evidence.

There was another forum, claiming to be devoted to Egyptology. I hadn’t noticed it was based in Cairo. In response to a claim, I stated that the Quran is not a history book. Pickle me grandmother! It was is if I’d accused them of eating their children. Some of 'em became quite unstrung. I mean, who makes a death threat on an internet forum?

There are communities that set the tone for discussion. Do you think I could freely say Jesus fuckin’Christ on a Christian forum? Do you think I swore at work! Nope.

It’s called being adaptable.
Not censorship

Different communities require and set the standard for content, expression, etc. YOU are “free” to join or start your own.

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I don’t want to talk about getting warnings. … Okay, if you twist my arm. I think I have only had two or possibly three… they are so infrequent, I actually do not remember. Each and every one of them was as polite as could possibly be. I would even assert that they came to me more as a request than a demand. “Hey you monkey breathed poo throwing piece of unevolved tooth decay, would you please stop throwing poo at ___________.” (Insert name here,)

Okay, okay, the language of the question the moderators aske is not exactly like my example but that’s the way I fucking read it! All I had to do was politely write back, "thank you for the rucking warning and I’m sorry ________ got their little feelings hurt. " See how I said “Thank You” It’s so disarming and lets the mods know that I take them seriously.

Okay, okay, the language of the response I give to moderation is not exactly like the example, but we all know “that’s what I really meant.”

In the end, moderation on this site is extremely fair. Anyone being removed has obviously demonstrated that they have no ability at all to simply follow the rules or get along with others on the site. Hell, I am convinced, by all the shit I get away with, that moderation is sleeping most of the time. … They really are quite liberal and in all fairness the warnings I have received were certainly earned… (Can you imagine that, Me earning warnings? )

Well, that’s all I have to say about the matter. I support the moderation here. If you got yourself a fucking warning its because you deserved it. The appropriate response is "Thank you mods! May I have another!. LOL Cheers!

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The mods have dealt with this side of me when I get overexcited towards a chewy toy…

I don’t envy them.
I sure in the fuck wouldn’t want the job of moderating me…

Me neither, not without a whip and a chair. :innocent:

(and possibly my friend Bernard and Maurice, his hunting ferret)

Indeed, or anywhere come to that. I joined a thread that was in full flow, I saw the large number of responses and should have guessed it meant someone had kicked off. Sure enough someone had started with angry ad hominem, and three regulars were letting them know by that point what they thought, I started politely enough, but the tone was already set with that poster on the defensive, and I joined in with the sarcasm, it very quickly turned to the 4 regulars (including me) baiting that poster, I was politely warned as part of the group that what we were doing could be construed as trolling.

I apologised and was more careful after that, I’m pretty sure all the other regulars did as well, though not the angry nutjob who’d just arrived and started it.

Whooooaaaaaa… cool it CRANKS! I have a boyfriend… a jealous, protective BOYFRIEND (Jesus fuckin’Christ- hurt a guys feelings once AND man, they make you pay)…

Anyway, I’ll check to see if he wants to join the orgy. If not,
I’ll have to decline.

Yah, I got “spanked” on that, after I was making the troll cry to its mommy…

Imagine, :thinking::flushed: I can out-troll a fucking TROLL…

Any chance I can get a pdf of these rules? Only I was unaware of that, my ex wife seems to have kept me in the dark about a lot of things…


Good job.

The term ‘angry atheist’ is nota cliche for nothing,.

Ex’s do that!

BTW, not paying child maintenance is the other way ex’s “rip you off”…

But alas Sheldon, we are not alone in the financial fuckdom from the X.

My personal motto - “the best revenge is personal success” (define the success however you want). My success level :thinking: fridge full of food to feed 3 giant teenage boys (HUGE accomplishment) and bills paid. Needs first. Sometimes “wants”.

Edited to add: Xmas want - I bought a VR (virtual reality) for the boys. They get a game “Saints and Sinners” (walking dead zombie game). They’re scared shitless in there…ME??? I FUCKING LOvE :heartpulse: it!!! Last night I go downstairs to play a bit before bed. They ask me if they can steam-wash the floor. Whaaaaa??? NO. I want to play! BUT they say “we want to clean under the couch and wash the walls”. Fuck off (I didn’t say that, just thought it) - “why are you guys in the mood to clean? It’s late AND I want to play my VR - clean tomorrow…”
They all grumble and go away.

Yah. Only at my house.

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You’re right of course, it’s still a bit raw for me, on Monday after stressing through xmas alone for most if it, I found out the judge would finally ratify the settlement where I’d agreed to pay £85k after disputing it originally, with the £7k legal cost and the £1k price of the divorce she tricked me into paying by claiming she only wanted £60k, that’s £93k gone, basically all the money I had saved in ill health, to ensure we’d be financially secure, and then on Monday, I found out my company is going to close the factory in May, as Covid has destroyed the aviation industry.

I’ve travelled across Europe and the UK to find work, and been laid off many times before, but when I got home Monday and was alone, I howled, it was just the stress coming out.

I’m in a better place now, and I’ve wanted to tell my ex wife what I think of the way she’s behaved for over 18 months. However I wrote it all down as it happened, and thank fuck I didn’t send it, or let my sister tell her what she thought of her, as me ex wife’s grandfather died on Friday. He was 98 but imagine how that would have looked to her family. I guess that’s the difference, I really do care whether what I do hurts people and she doesn’t.

Onward and upward…

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