BethC and Evidence for the Existence of God

This thread was started in response to the following comment by Beth C. “Hello Cognostic,
I noticed that you mentioned never having heard of any evidence for God’s existence! I am a Christian, and I would love to have a private conversation with you if you’d be willing! I am not hear to attack you or even to convert you. I just believe that I genuinely can show you some evidence that proves the possibility of God’s existence, and if anything I would just love to hear what you have to say as well!”

You are certainly welcome to PM me; however, inquiring minds want to know the truth.

BethC will now entertain us all with actual evidence for the existence of god…

  • I am hoping she brings up the actual writings of Jesus.

EVERYONE GET READY! This will not be your standard Christian rhetoric of causality arguments, arguments from personal experience, arguments from morality, arguments from Consciousness, Ontological arguments that just think gods into existence, arguments from irreducible complexity, arguments from ignorance or lack of imagination, the ole “original replicator argument,” the bullshit Fine-Tuning of Physical Constants argument, the arguments from the beauty of physical laws, The Arguments from Answered Prayers, the arguments from fulfilled prophecy, the arguments from Miracles, Argument from The Improbable Self, The arguments from NDEs, the arguments from moral truths, she will not give us bullshit “consensus” arguments, we will not be given “arguments from authority,” the Bible will not be used as it is a claim an not actual evidence of anything, she will not result to anything as silly as “The Survival of the Jews” as evidence of God, Pascal’s Wager will not be used, nor will anything requiring a “Leap of Faith” where you just have to believe before you can see. No No No my friends… Beth C. has actual evidence for the existence of god. It is with all due respect that I now turn the floor over to her.

*Cacophonous cheers and a resounding applause fill the air. Tin Man is so elated he stands, hoots, and begins leaking oil. Old man is doing hand stands on his bike. The garden troll has pulled up his pants in preparation for the excitement yet to come. Sheldon is just standing there with a dumb look on his face but his lips keep forming the words “Objective Evidence?” Everyone on the site is rooting for you. *

So… Drum Roll It’s actually just Old man and I Banging on Tin man’s head. "And without further adieu, I give you

Wipes ass :roll_of_toilet_paper:, flushes toilet :toilet:, exits Cog’s bathroom.

“What the fuck are you up to???”

I was just trying not to keep secrets. It would not be fair for me to know the evidence for the existence of God and then not share it with everyone.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for
the hope that you have.” —1 Peter 3:15

I refer such claimants to a great play, which has been made into a film :

“God on Trial” .A group of Jewish men are in a Nazi concentration camp. They know the are to be gassed the next day. They put god on trial. They argue that in allowing the Holocaust, god had broken the Abrahamic covenant. (god apparently made several covenants with men, keeping none of them)

I found it a profound and moving film, and I recommend it.

Imo you’ve given a pretty good summary of the various arguments apologists use. I shall print it and keep it handy.

I am quite rightly in tenterhooks. This woman is about to become the most famous person in the history of Christendom! Proving that which has not been proved in recorded history, for any god.

Do you think it’s worth adding the intellectually dishonest disciplines of biblical hermeneutics and exegesis?

I am sure you can add those. Beth has spoken with such authority in the matter that her confidence has overwhelmed me. SHE ACTUALLY HAS EVIDENCE, REAL EVIDENCE for the existence of god. SHE IS NOT GOING TO LET US DOWN!!!

Take it easy mate, fair suck of the sauce bottle. No need to yell.

Of course I understand you don’t remember what happened last time. Probably just as well .Do try not to get your hopes too high :innocent:

stops banging on Tin Man’s head as the awful truth of Cogs message sinks in

You mean…ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF THE CHRISTIAN GOD…or,wait a minute…just any old god who happens to be passing buy?


Wait I know the answer…its the banana Eau de Cologne isn’t it? That new fragrance you launched at the Trump Towers last year? I knew it was good, all those bonobos following you around hooting.

We stomp on me helmet with divers boots lads, this should be worth reading…if “Beth” ever gets around to posting…

Put me down for 5 that BethC at one point brings up this thread as some sort of excuse instead of presenting this actual “evidence.”


Oh Logic, what a pessimist. Someone out there has to have evidence for the existence of god and someone else has to be the chosen one to find out this truth. Aren’t you just speaking out of Jealousy? There is actual evidence and Beth C. has it. We will prove you WRONG!

fuck — my tongue is stuck to the side of my mouff after thath lasth posth.

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I got off my throne for what?

You have a throne?

Fair enough I guess. In my younger days I often spoke to god on the great white telephone in the bathroom—on my knees, face first “OOHHHHHHH Gawwwwddddd!!!”


Ok I’ve scratched myself, yawned, cleared my throat.

I’m ready for the objective evidence for a deity now. Which deity is this btw, please tell me it’s the Aztec God of gluttony, I love that one.

I was sorta hoping for Kali, however, Beth did mention she was a Christian so I am expecting Baal and his Consort Asherah or the late manifestation of Baal after the Jews switched to monotheism and began calling him Yahweh.

Wouldn’t it be more apropos for her to share it with all the other theists first?

Has she told the RCC at least?

I think he may have meant the throne tbh, but yeah that made me smile.

I’m willing to wager Beth baby is a few feathers short of a doona…My bird brain cant figure out if the Alpha Chimpanzee is kidding or not…or it might be the current batch of uncured poppy seeds…in any case I am ready for the great revelation…

Cranky … he’s yelling in EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION- not anger! Plus not all of us hear so well…

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I bet it’s Loki!!! It HAS to be Loki!!!

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