Best Female Swimmer in the World

I’ll stick it in debate for all those gender equality folks out there. Best video of the year…

I’ve seen most of this guy’s videos on you-tube, pretty fucking funny, especially this one.

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Okay, being hounded by a ‘Woke’ mob is certainly less stressful than doing two life sentences plus forty years, but who needs either?

I do not live in fear. Neither am I a fearmonger.

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Quite the bulge on that “female” swimmer. I guess it doesn’t matter if she identifies as a woman. :woman_shrugging:

Ummm… Why were you looking at her ‘bulge?’ What a sexist / judgmental attitude. No one holds it against you that you are a ratshit. No one even notices but me.
And I don’t count. Oh … sorry… that’s ratspit.

As a female underwear model in the 21st century a large bulge in the nether regions can lead to a few years of very, very lucrative contract positions. Based on this, the bulge is ALWAYS the most important part of any humans anatomy. As such it is the first thing I look for and admire.

Here is my take on it, why the fuck does anyone give this many shits about sports?

I say remove all restrictions on sports players, pump them up on all the roids they can get. I want genetically mutated muscle bound cyborgs smashing baseballs into the stratosphere. I want to have to invent new alloys of composites to withstand the impact of two half mechanized rippling behemoths wail into each other on the grid iron. To the point where a missed pass cuts a perfect circular hole into the chest cavity of a 400 lb blob of a fan covered in face paint.

That’s when I will care about anything sports related.

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Y-Y-Y-Y-ESSSSSSSS! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Couldn’t have said it better myself! :revolving_hearts::heartbeat::revolving_hearts:


While I don’t really get it either it is a highly lucrative business and will remain so for the foreseeable future. In most states the highest paid state employee is either a football or basketball coach. An athletic scholarship can change a young persons life and future and it was considered a huge step in women’s rights when colleges were mandated to provide scholarships for women in amounts provided for men. Top athletes can rack in millions. There are vast sums of money at stake so expect both sides to kick and scream all the way. I think it will eventually work itself out. I guess we’ll see.

Sure, I can understand all of that. I can’t wrap my mind around paying to watch people do the same repetitive boring thing over and over again? We spend billions to watch rapists, woman beaters, and otherwise degenerate human beings do boring mundane repetitive human shit that offers us nothing in return besides a distraction from problems we should be addressing.

Then people get in an outrage when they find out their favorite player is a child molester, or better yet dismiss it and come up with excuses for a millionaire when they themselves can’t put gas in their car which is filled with $800 worth of loser scratch off tickets, to get to their job, but they’re going to strike it big betting on the big game through one of these online sports books gambling with money they don’t have. I hate sports on so many levels, and I will continue to find new ones as long as I draw breath.

Sports in America reminds me of Ancient Rome, hide the backsliding by distracting the public with gladiatorial games and events.


Paying attention to modern day athletes (gladiators?) is one step yet worse: these are grown adults who play a child’s game for a living.

I’m on board with the gist of your idea - lift limits on athletes from competing in a total 'roid rage, anything goes colossus state. This will, at least, eliminate the limpid veneer attempt to paint banned performance enhancing methods as violating the “spirit” of professional athletics. :roll_eyes:

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“Spirit” of sports, that’s hilarious. We act like sports are “fair” to begin with, if you are born with genetically superior traits for hitting a child’s toy better than your competition, is it really fair?

I say let everyone play every sport, if Cocoa the gorilla would have signed that she wanted to play baseball I say put her in coach. Who wouldn’t watch a gorilla hit a home run further than any human being?

Yep. Although, I feel like I need to add by saying it is professional and (most) college sports I totally despise. Little league and high school level sports I can actually enjoy (to some degree). I LOVED playing little league baseball back in my youth. Taught me about teamwork and kept me active. (Not that I was ever inactive.) But I deeply and utterly D-E-T-E-S-T these multi-million dollar prima donna athletes, many (most) of them nothing but criminal thugs wrapped in a pretty package. Makes me want to puke.

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I also totally agree with youth sports. On one condition, no parents allowed. My father whooped my ass over my little league blunders. Sucked every ounce of fun out of every sport I played. I ended up with the yips, LITERALLY, I could not throw a baseball I was so terrified of fucking up! I couldn’t remember how to let go of a baseball at the right time. I wish I could have had that positive experience a lot of other kids got. So it’s pretty obvious why I hate sports today.

I had supportive, non-yip inducing parents while playing sports as a child.

It didn’t take long to see sports for what they were and what they most certainly were not, though, especially at the professional level.

I left the play of all organized sports behind after first year of high school. There were kids who knew very well that their time in that spotlight was going to be the pinnacle of their athletic and social lives, and would therefore play in a kind of frantically self destructive fashion. I had zero interest in getting caught up in that.