Aspiring To Be A Better Person Doesn’t Require A God

It wasn’t until a few years back as I was aspiring to be a better person, that I finally realized the truth. I thought that only through religion that a person can better themselves.

Of course after researching for better faith and finding no evidence for my god, did I really realize that I do not need a god to better myself as a person.

I have no need for a deity for anything, especially when there’s so little evidence to actually prove a god. I found that I can better myself just through being a better person, and no need for some god or deity to help me there.

Yeah I know, this is more for the theist out there who wants to maybe finally present some sort of objective evidence. But as many on here already know there’s really no evidence that some supreme being is controlling everything.

Am I finally on the right path?

I think so, as I studied what religious sites had to offer me, but none seem to have any evidence to prove their god.

Thanks For Reading.

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So first you wanted to be a better person, and then you went looking for somebody’s god to help you with that. What does that tell you?

It tells me that the impulse to be a good person was already there, as it is in most human beings. Religions exploit that impulse to capture followers, and then they assign credit for it to their gods.

Correction: Zero evidence to prove a god.

You’re right that no religious site can offer can offer any real evidence for their claims. But you shouldn’t just look at what they say. Judge them by what they do. Consider how adherents of these cults behave toward each other and outsiders. There’s your evidence about the power of their “gods” to make anyone a better person. A better person doesn’t hack pieces off babies, rape children, burn non-believers, or plant bombs.

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Yes, even when I was a little kid and asked where the dinosaurs were in the bible. I was nice as can be then too.

BTW, first time I ever questioned whether or not god was real, and I was 12 or 13. Ever since then I off and on questioned myself whether or not god was real.

Many evil things have happened in the name of the Christian god, don’t forget Satanism is a thing. Wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t come up with a god at all. I studied Voodoo to an extent in my life too, but I grew up. It is time to what’s the bible passage about growing up? Look beyond fantasy and realize what’s really real. And after research god went too as more Fiction than non.

Anyways agreed and agreed.

Ahhh - just chiming in my 2 cents…

Better (improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement)…sometimes as “more excellent”)

I don’t know you as a person. Just what I read.

You are the judge of yourself and your ability and motivations and values and how you express or put those values into action.

Just remember - this “better” is yours, and yours alone.

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HINT: “There is no (PATH).” The monkey god Hanaman is as big a bullshitter as Jesus or Buddha. What does “Being a better person mean to you?”

Choose one thing. One, very real, measurable, exact, thing, that you can do, and then, begin doing it. Just start doing it once a day. Whatever it is, just do it. That is your path.

If you give yourself a goal… “I want to be a nicer person.” You must break the goal down into behaviors that nice people do. Then you must do those behaviors.

  1. I will smile and say “Hi” to 10 people I do not know, each day.

  2. I will stop whatever I am doing and help one person each day.

  3. I will thank anyone who is kind to me. If I forget to say thank you, I will write it on a slip of paper and go back to them later and say thank you.

NOTE: Everything is expressed in something that “I can do.” Nothing is expressed in “I won’t” or “Don’t” Won’ts and Don’ts are not the language of successful people/ Talk to yourself about what you will do.

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money talks? I wish I rich. Is there any depressed one?

Wish away…

That leads to a non-depressed state …lol :grin: (sarcasm)

Just so.

When I was about 14 I said to mum: “I wish was rich”

Mum: " Money can’t buy love"

Me :" I guess not, but it can buy an awful lot of affection.

As I got a bit older I was a more likely to say “Perhaps, but I’d really like to have to the opportunity to discover that for myself.”

These days I no longer wish for wealth. I have everything I need and most things I want. I worked out years ago that if came into real money I would spend it on my family.

IF I could wish for anything, it would to be 39 again. I worked out that James Bond is 39. That would do me.

PS: I’ve been’ well-to-do ’ and miserable, and I’ve been on the bones of my arse and miserable. If I had my druthers, I’d druther be 'well ‘to-do’—today I seem to be somewhere in between, but no longer miserable or depressed.

To be soppy for a sec: IMO if one loves and feels loved, money (above subsistence) is irrelevant.


On being a good person: Seems to me that only a good person would ask themselves that question. I’m not entirely convinced there is a completely objective measurement. Surely such an assessment by others is dependent on the values of those doing the assessment.?

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No indeed, but that idiom always bothered me, and FWIW my stock response to this is “neither does poverty”.

I’ve always found the idea wealth is mutually exclusive with certain states, like love or happiness, a very silly notion.

I don’t aspire to wealth, I only want to have enough to feel secure, and not constantly worry I will be unable to find work to live.

Me too, in and of itself. I think it’s a myth perpetrated by the haves to keep the have nots in line—You know, just as lower classes were invented by the upper class to scare the crap out of the bourgeoisie.

I always wanted to a job I loved, then it’s not work. Unfortunately, I worked for the Civil service for over 30 years. The good news is that I’ve already been retired for 21 years. I’m aiming to stay alive long enough to be retired longer than I worked. :face_with_monocle:

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Wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which hand fills up faster.

I’ve always noticed that the man on the side of the road who has a Mercedes that is not working, is just as pissed off as a redneck. The biggest difference is that the redneck’s cousin bob has a friend who knows this guy who has a tow truck and can work on cars so if the redneck just kicks back for a while, help is on the way. Good thing he has those fishi’n poles in the bed. On the other hand, the guy with the Mercedes is gonna get ripped off by the tow truck company and then by the asshole that is going to fix his foreign car because the parts have to be special ordered. And, fuck, is his boss gonna be pissed at him for being late, and he better start calling his clients. Fuck, it’s hot out here! Why in the fuck couldn’t this happen on a weekend? Oh damn! Will the fucking car be ready in time to pick up the kids? Shit, this whole day is ruined. Where are my god damn cigarettes!!!

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That was just me quoting Fievel’s original post.

I’m pretty much perfect already. Or to put it another way, I’m about to reach the interesting age of 69, and I’m afraid I may be as good as I’m ever going to get.

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Health is health. Healty future for every body. (Would you please find the one Who gang the health )

Awwwwww Fuck! You caught me. I gang the health. I started ganging the health when I was just a little chimp. The habit got worse and worse. By the time I was a teen I was ganging the health three to five times a day. I have ganged the health in public bathrooms. in the backs of buses, while swimming in the ocean, in an airplane toilet, behind bushes in a park, and once even in a tree. I gang my health every chance I get. In fact, now that no one is around, I think I will go into the kitchen, turn on the garbage disposal, open the refrigerator door, smear yogurt all over myself, open a can of tuna and gang my health right now…

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Right there’s no path to follow besides my own.

I do my best to be nice and kind to all even those who are too into their beliefs. I see no reason to treat anyone mean just for their religion or way of life, as long as that way of life doesn’t hurt anyone.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha , define “hurt.” Voting to keep gay people from committed relationships? Justified bigotry because your children are going to burn in hell. Pushing for ignorance in the classroom because people should know the controversy between God and Science. Placing the words “In God We Trust” on the currency of a secular government’s monetary system? Where do you draw this line of “Hurt”?

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No. It’s the wrong type of currency. Money is for buying respect, not love.

With money and astrophysics, you need to aim for the Goldilocks zone. To much or too far away and you burn. Too little or too far away and you freeze.

Here’s some advice from Robinson Crusoe’s father about the best path through life.
“…I should always find, the calamities of life were shared among the upper and lower part of mankind; but that middle station had the fewest disasters"

Middle-class people don’t get audited by the tax bastards every five minutes. Their children don’t get kidnapped for ransom. They don’t get snapped by paparazzi and pilloried in the tabloids. The zero-sum envy-obsessed numbskulls don’t graffiti your house.

Fly business class. Avoid first and economy.

idk children should decide for themselves as well as everyone. Everyone should be taught that there’s too much lack for evidence for a god. (did my stoned mind type that correct?) But if they want to believe in something let them too but shouldn’t be brought up under some Christian law, sort to speak. As good people yes but I was born into that and wish I had done so when I first questioned god. What!? I mean teach them to be nice. But don’t push Christianity on the children, but that’s me. And the first time was 12 or 13 when I first questioned it, maybe I should have gotten some books.

But as for where the (Hurt) stops I can not say.

(In God We Trust) should be taken off anyways.

It will be at least few years for that yet but will probably come.

Got lost, drinking a beer bye all for now.

Just do.

Give more attention to the stranger on the street, hold the door for a lady, practice random acts of kindness. Just do.