An Atheist Still Fearing Death

Damn that sounds a lot like reincarnation

Well, more akin to rebirth as i dont believe in anything nonsensical like a soul or spirit.

Its really based on the nature of atoms and the way atoms fall and recombine all the time giving way to new forms both organic and non organic including the manifestation of life as well as its cessation.

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do you believe in m[nd as separate from brain?

umm interesting but that suggests a randomness that I don’t see, otherwise wouldn’t it be just as likely that there was a monster under my bed as not. I mean why would it be less likely for a monster genome to form from the random fall of atoms as a blond haired blue eyed damsel? Unless … Help HELP Bean put a monster under my bed and it is trying to change me into a t*&%$ist. Cog, Sheldon, TinMan, Ratty, Cali if ever I needed a big brain.

I think our minds , hence our ego, are the only thing that suffers a true real death upon our physical demise. The brain obviously is necessary for the mind to exist that enables our individuality and our personality so it follows that once the brain or nervious system falls apart, that the mind naturally will as well. That’s probably the only frightening aspect , but I don’t think it’s the end of our existence as a living organism because the atoms , in the Greek vernacular of the term, and energy aren’t destroyed, they just go on falling apart and recombining ad infinity.

I think its the potential of consciousness and awareness that continues as organisms are continually being conceived and born under the proper conditions but clearly have no recollection of any former life to speak of and cannot make no association of who or what they were and are until information enters their brains and nervous systems and the organism lives out their lives until the process repeats and are cycled throughout time.

It’s all entirely through natural processes that we see today, obviously a monster isn’t going to spontaneously form under our beds because we know they can’t, and if any monsters are under your bed skitting and crawling about, it’s probably a good idea to call an exterminator before the population gets out of control!


I did but they said they couldn’t see anything but dust bunnies.

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I may understand this perspective. We are not talking about reincarnation, but rather, a perspective of being a part of the universe and all that occurs within it. It is not the conscious self that survives in any way but the part of us that is also a part of the universe, whatever that is. We know it is our atoms and can only wonder beyond that. We are a part of all that is.


…a couple of weeks ago I was thinking of what you described.

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One of my favorite things to do, from my early teens, was to simply lay on the beach at midnight and look up at the stars. My perspective was solidified by my early 20’s. It altered a bit as I went through mysticism and the occult. But once I gave up all the woo, there were still bare facts. I am a product of the universe, I don’t return to it. I have never left it. I am a part of all that is. Everything else is just a story.


Very nicely put, Cog.


Monkey minds get lucky sometimes… You know, it’s that whole monkey - typewriter thing.


Hate to break this to you, but you really need to be wary of those critters. They are incredibly dangerous (especially if you are in any military basic training evnironment), and they reproduce like magic at unbelievable rates.

I love pondering these things. My wife is especially partial to this line of thinking. We often have rather entertaining discussions about it all.

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I don’t know what ego is… I called Freud on his bullshit years ago, and it seems the world has caught up to me. The whole regression thing along with id, ego, and superego interactions is just a made-up story.

And 8 years was the standard length of time for psychoanalysis. Swedish psychoanalysts found a mean length of 5.7 years and a wide variation in length from 1.5 to 12 years. (I was always told 8) Anyway, there is no accounting for the intervening variable. of ‘maturation’ in psychoanalysis. And regression is a joke. Well remember that time when… No? Well how about that time when… No? But that time when… No? You know there was that time when… Aha! That’s it. That’s the real reason. You felt rejected by your hamster when it bit you! Now you have insight and you are cured! Pay the receptionist $125 for the session on your way out.

I pissed off professors with my attitude toward psychoanalysis. I also pissed off my Gestalt professors. I refused to admit the sum was greater than the parts. I maintained it was only different, and they did not need to be so judgmental. Luckily for me, there were a couple of professors that I connected with.

And that’s a fact; I took a quick peek the other day and there were so many of them - they must have been doing … well you know, doing what bunnies do nonstop.

But, you didn’t die with her. The saying just means everyone dies alone in their own skin. That their death is their own experience. No one feels what they’re going through in their final moments.


I think philosophical conversations like that will always be entertaining and informative and dare I say insightful.

I personally find a lot of inner peace with these kind of discussions as well knowing that there’s so much out there with so many places where your thoughts can go.

Thank you for your post.


I hear rumors that if you see any teeth on these buggers it is best to run!

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Sorry I promised a friend not to talk about this in the debate forum. You have to watch out for TinMan because you’ll be happily debating a topic and he will come along and inject some comic relief and before you know it you’ll be transported to sillydom which is no place for a debate.


Ahem!.. (clearing throat)… Uh, for ONE, it is very SERIOUS comic relief. And - TWO - why would you ever listen to anything Cog and Old Man say about me? They’re just jealous of me. :triumph:

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Wow Didn’t realize you were that old Cog. I hope you were able to get him to admit that his psychoanalytic theory arose out of his effort to account for his female clients hysteria. Their insistence that their fathers had been doing nasty things to them just wouldn’t do.

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