Am I Being Banned?

I no longer have a heart next to my name.

And I believe I am starting to catch on correctly.

We have no complete evidence to prove there is or isn’t a god?

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I know nothing about either statement. But the software is still new to me. Could you maybe post a screenshot of this heart next to your name (or someone else’s name since yours is missing)?

I’ll just make a reply like this one, then capture the screen and upload it to Dropbox and I hope that is okay.

Wait, are you talking about the heart, kind of on the left right side, near the bottom of most posts?

If so the explanation is simple: that heart is a button you press to “like” the post (kind of like giving it a thumbs up). You aren’t allows to “like” your own posts, so from your perspective, your posts will be missing this heart button, but it will appear to the other users who read your post.

Oh okay got it. :wink:

Well at least now I know and that’s cool by me, don’t like it that on YouTube you can give yourself a thumbs up.

I like it. It helps attract interest when I type “What about some frigging captions for the deaf viewers here? Its the 21st Century, the age of internet communications and youtube!!! And you inconsiderate buggers simply forget captions?! When did you first start hating deaf people?!! No wonder the thousands upon thousands of us don’t subscribe.” or something similar.
I’d love to give myself a heart for the above, but I can’t, damn it!


Fuckin’ deaf people - Jesus Christ!!! What more do you want???



Whaat’d ya say? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ot will appear greyed out, until someone likes the post. If you click on the heart it will tell you who has liked that post, including your own.

Sounds quite painfull if you ask me. The stuff some people post on YouTube, yuck…

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Been some time.
And yes those (9/11) conspiracy theorists are painful to deal with.

Yes like claiming so many things without any evidence to back them up.

Thanks @Sheldon for the post.