A Dong A Day (Level 2) - You should really listen to this

Pick the song someone really needs to listen to and let them know it.

TIA: You really need to listen to this — Tim Minchin: Storm - YouTube


For you Cognostic

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I haven’t heard that in 35 years. LOL – Loved it!

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Every clip I have seen of Chuck Berry is him being very active and belting out his tunes. But in this one, we get to see his intelligence and humor. I am quite impressed, he would have been a wonderful person to meet with and chat.

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To every theist/believer who dares to come onto this forum and spew their crap, they need to listen to the album the SATANIST by the Polish band Behemoth.
It won’t convert them, but it’ll probably make them run and hide behind their bibles.

BEHEMOTH - The Satanist (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube Wasn’t that good. Lyrics completely garbled, good music, schizophrenic chick in the middle of a breakdown on a city street, Juvenile immagry (the chess game, skull head with snakes, big brother watching, ) very hard to find any significance. She is the only clear face in the video, at the end, her face if blurred like the faces of everyone else in the video, after the brfeakdown and the curse of the evil brewing witches pot. She was being watched and was recognized as not being one of the pack and had to be brought into the pack… I liked Pink Floyd’s The Wall better. Same theme. Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Official Music Video (Lyrics In Description) - YouTube


Hi Coggy, como estas? With all the shit going on today, this oldie does it for me: WAR - Why Can't We Be Friends? (Official Video) [Remastered in 4K] - YouTube

I think it’s fun seeing all these older music videos.

I picked this one for Tia since we recently discovered she like Henry Rollins. Live event, Rollins comes on stage to sing with the Misfits, only to realize he doesn’t know the words, so he just screams the whole time instead. Enjoy:

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Not just the title song from the record, but the entire album, beginning to end. I know we’re supposed to pick one song, but this record would probably make the Pope’s head explode. The last song is titled OH FATHER, OH SATAN, OH SON.
If that doesn’t work, the song GOD=DOG from their next record I LOVED YOU AT YOUR DARKEST might work.

I’m sitting in the office on a Sunday, writing reports. Not much else to do. The problem with this shit is that you can’t make out the damn words. If you are not a groupie the music is not for you. I’m not… ergo… it isn’t. On the upside, I just bought a new car today. Hyundai Venue. Slightly used. 16,000 km. Got a good deal on it so… I am a proud new daddy.

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Congratulations on your new baby. I own a used Hyundai Santa Fe. A bit unusual, it has a 5 speed manual.

Looked at those. I’m single, no family, and my only cargo is a rolling pin. I didn’t need anything that big. Also this is Asia… Have you seen the size of the streets in this part of the world? On top of that, Koreans just love BIG CARS. The bigger and blacker your car is, the more important you are. My little monkey car is cute and white. Is there something subliminal going on here… NO! I promise.

Sharing mine and Cog’s love song…

Good job on the car!!!

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I’m actually singing along with this one: “Oo Ee Oo Aa Aa Ting Tang Wala Wala Bing Bang…” Of course I am naked and swinging from the shower curtain railing in the bathroom so I don’t bother the neighbors.


Is that an invitation??? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you need a vacation? Can you afford the plane ticket? Once you get here, you will be quarantined for 14 days. You won’t be able to leave the house. Gee what will you do with all that indoor time?
Travel is a bitch right now.


There isn’t any middle ground when it comes to this genre of music, you either love it, or you hate it. That’s fine, most people don’t want to hear any of it, including my wife. That’s why I have a good set of headphones for when she’s home and I need a music fix.
You can always read the lyrics while listening to the music, there’s more to it than just “god bashing”.
It depends on which band you’re listening to. DEICIDE is straight bible/god bashing at it finest. Their vocalist and bass player Glen Benton had an inverted crucifix branded onto his forehead about 30 years ago. I’m seeing them in Seattle in August, can’t wait.
Behemoth are questioning the Catholic Churches authority in Poland. The authorities have tried to get their vocalist NERGAL put in prison for “blasphemy” on 2 different occasions. They lost both times.

Well…I disagree on the binary classification. I used to loathe black and death metal. I just didn’t get it. Then I watched the TV series “Helvete” and got informed on some of the background, the whys and the hows. And I started to understand. And then I started following the breadcrumbs laid out by the TV series and Google’s YouTube algorithms. Although I now listen to black metal semi-regularly, I cannot claim I am a metal head. I listen to black metal, and I find some of it agreeable, as with most styles of music. But some of it I find disagreeable, as with most styles of music. So for me, black metal was just added to my list of music genres I can listen to.

I don’t doubt for an instant that they put on a great stage show. I can’t for the life of me, think I would find all the noise enjoyable.

I’m very glad got hear that.