A band/song a day

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and I decided “fuck it”, I might as well at least give it a try.
Are there any other big fans of music on this forum? If the answer is yes, what genre is your favorite? Rock, jazz, classical, goat hump(country), rap, metal, what?
I’ve been a metal head since the late 70’s. I started with Rush, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, the usual suspects.
As I’ve gotten older(63) my taste in music has definitely changed, but not like someone who’s “normal”, my tastes have gotten darker and a lot more extreme. I listen to black/death metal every single day now, I’ve been a massive fan of this music for years now. I go to as many shows as I’m able to down in Seattle, I was able to see Hypocrisy and Carach Angren last week, it was fucking awesome.
Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is to see if other music fans on this forum would be interested in posting whatever band or particular song you’re listening too whenever you’re on here.
It can be anything or anyone you’re a fan of. I think it’d be interesting hearing what other atheists listen to during their day.
Tell us what song you’re listening to, who the band is, and why you listen to them. I’m listening to what is basically “black metal radio” right now on Spotify. Whenever an album that I’m listening to from my music library ends, they continue to play music in the same genre as the record was. It’s fucking awesome, I get to hear a lot of obscure and different bands that I’d never hear anywhere but here. I was listening to a black metal band from Germany called Helrunar, the record’s title is SOL. It’s about the apocalypse happening because of a new ice age, not the usual reasons. The lyrics are in German, but that doesn’t matter, the record is amazing.
I’ll respond to this thread everyday and I’ll mention who I’m listening to at the moment, right now it’s Empires Fall by Primordial, a black/pagan metal band from Ireland.

I just finished listening to a Jim Croce album. Yesterday it was Gordon Lightfoot. I also have Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, and Prince. On my i-Pod I have a variety of Latino artists. I got hooked on a few of them when I went to Puerto Rico for Spanish Language school many years ago. Country, classical, jazz, hard rock, soft rock, pop, alternative… Basically, my taste in music ranges far and wide. Simply depends on what I am doing and what mood I am in.

Country, classic rock, Kitaro, Tim Minchin, etc… I won’t bore you.

My tastes are definitely all over the map. And I usually play what I want based on my current emotions and desires.

Today I needed a little pick-me-up with some energy.

@mr.macabre13 I will not dispute whether they qualify truly as “metal”. Can we agree that they are singing and dancing entertainers? Whether they qualify as “artists” is debatable.

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…(looking around in confused manner)… Uhhhh… Why the hell do I suddenly have a strong desire for chocolate? Fucking weird… (shaking head trying to clear the haze)…

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They do some very weird shit in Japan, nothing surprises me.

It makes them happy.

My father taught me a lesson, even though it was not his intent. He was ultra-conservative and his idea of music was Perry Como. Being the rebel asshole teen I was, I bought a few rock records. I never played them loud, but if he heard me playing them, would turn the stereo off, stating that this music was “wrong”.

“Different” is not “wrong”, it is just different. What may float my boat may grate on the ears of another, and vice versa. I can’t honestly say I “get” rap and a few other musical genres. But it agrees with others, and that’s OK with me.

To each their own.

My favorite Japanese song:

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My music tastes are all over the map. It will depend on my mood. I can go from classical to country, female vocalists to AC/DC, the Cars and REO Speedwagon to Eminem (lol).

Well, if Japanese music is your thing. Here’s one for the road.

Have you seen some of the game shows in Japan, those people are crazy.

Even their porn is weird.


Right now I’m listening to MY FUNERAL by the band Dark Funeral, from the record ANGELUS EXURO PRO ETERNUS.

Here you go.

Yes, I have seen a few clips, and I wish I had access to Japanese television. Pretty crazy shit.

Got my Breakfast Club soundtrack cd in the mail today. Will be listening to it later this evening.

If you have access to you-tube, look up MXC, which means “most extreme elimination challenge”. They took the crazy game show “takeshi’s castle” if I remember correctly, and dubbed English dialog onto it, and it’s one of the funniest things on TV. You really need to check them out if you can.

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When I feel I need to be “centered” this is one of the selections which provides me calmness and balance. Captain Beefheart - Big Eyed Beans From Venus - YouTube

Yep. I live right next door. Korean porn is about the same; however, it’s all ‘soft porn.’ No actual intercourse is ever shown. Just people moving like they are doing the deed and a lot of titty play. They don’t even show blowjobs. The girl’s head always hides what she is doing. Anything labeled ‘Korean’ that shows anything else, was probably made in Japan, possibly with Korean sex workers, or China. It’s safer that making the video in Korea. Sexual suppression is rampant and so Koreans have their own way of dealing with their lack of porn, 'Cyber Hell." (Spy cams in female bathrooms. It’s all the rage.) ‘Cyber Hell’ Review: When Chat Rooms Become Sites of Exploitation - The New York Times

Hey, Mr.Mac! Here’s one you might enjoy. It’s is one of my wife’s favorite songs and band. I have to say I rather like it too.